A Message From Rocky Wilson, Ph.D.,

About Safe Space

Safe Space is a small, but important, way that parents can help the community address the issue of students and substance abuse. The program asks parents to sign a pledge promising to monitor their own 'space' (i.e. home, backyard) in order to prevent the use of alcohol and/or drugs by school-age children while they are visiting each otherís homes. The purpose of the program is to support the laws and provide a safe zone for kids - one space at a time.

If kids know that caring adults are paying attention to their activities, it will encourage them to make more responsible choices. Supervising children is a difficult task, especially as they grow older and more independent. It is not possible to watch all of their activities, every minute of every day. Our best chance of teaching them to self-regulate their behaviors when they are away from us, is to set clear and appropriate expectations, and to demonstrate good role modeling.

By signing this pledge you are forming a link in a chain that is working together to accomplish a safer environment for our students. It is not the intention of this program to force a parenting philosophy on those who think differently, but instead to unite those who feel the same, and create 'Safe Spaces' we can trust, and rely on, to help us with the tremendous responsibility of parenting.

If you have questions or would like more information about Safe Space or issues involving students and substance abuse, please email me at [email protected] .

Rocky Wilson, Ph.D.

Student Intervention Advisor, Mira Costa High School

Safe Space Program Agreement
Participating Families - 9th Grade
Participating Families - 10th Grade

Participating Families - 11th Grade
Participating Families - 12th Grade