To reduce the disruption of classroom instruction, we are unable to send information, lunches, lunch money, etc. to students in their classes.  Interruptions will be limited to dire emergencies only, such as illness or family emergencies. 

Reporting Students Absent :  For all student absences, please write a note with your student's name, grade, date(s) and reason for absence.  Have your student bring the note to the Attendance Office upon his/her return to school.  We are unable to accept phone calls reporting a student absent.

Students with dentist/doctor appointments must bring a written note from their parent to the Attendance Office before school on the day of the appointment.

Students who leave campus without permission from the Health or Attendance office will receive a truant.  Parents cannot excuse their son/daughter after he/she has left campus.

Please note that students have 3 days to clear their absences upon returning to school. Unverified absences (no parent note) will be changed to truant after 3 days.

Definition of Absences:

Excused: a student's absence, with receipt of a parental note, shall be excused for illness, quarantine, medical appointment, funeral for a member of the immediate family, appearance in court, observation of a religious holiday.  School sponsored field trips and/or athletic events do not require a parental note.

Unexcused: The following absences, with receipt of a parental note, are considered unexcused: non-school sponsored field trips and/or athletic contests, family excursions, family or personal business, or traffic court.

Truancy:  A student is truant when he/she is absent from school without the parent's permission or knowledge.  Students who forge notes will be considered truants and are subject to suspension from school. 

Attendance Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (310) 318-7337 ext. 5014